Making space
for the next generations

Public open spaces, comfortable accommodations,intelligent mobility, and a brilliant mix of leisure and workplaces: MIND is born to ease human connections and promote a sustainable lifestyle.

Designed to be

From food to mobility, from raw materials to water resources, every MIND detail has been designed to reduce the impact on the planet.

A pilot for the European green transition

Above all, to innovate means to switch to a sustainable lifestyle. The European Investment Bank will cooperate with public and private players to make these goals an everyday reality.
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    Green mobility strategy
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    Water management strategy
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    Embodied carbon in construction
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    Environmental impact transparency
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    Engagement and behavioural change
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    One Health principles approach
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    Resilience to extreme weather

In harmony
with nature

MIND will enhance the quality of life of its community thanks to 340 000 sqm of green and blu areas. The iconic AreaExpo Decumano will become a 1.5 km linear park, while the waterside paths of the Parco Verde Blu will be a green oasis where to relax.

When not in the mood for a walk, people can take electric shuttles or use e-mobility sharing services to reach any part of the district.