Great ideas come to mind

The skills and experience of the best researchers, the tools and legacy of the finest private companies and public institutions, the business mentality of the greatest entrepreneurs. All in one place.

Growing a
new attitude

The past few years have shown how science is essential to face the most complex challenges and how sharing knowledge is pivotal in winning them.

A research district that summons outstanding professionals worldwide can accelerate the solutions urged by present times and open new, unexpected perspectives for a brighter future.

A rooted network

Five high-level institutions are the propelling engine of the MIND collaborative universe where excellence is a must and chances are not just taken but also created.
  • 2022
    Fondazione Triulza


    Lab-Hub for Social Innovation, Third Sector and Civil Economy.

  • Human Technopole


    The leading research institute for life sciences in Italy.

  • Federated Innovation™


    Innovation ecosystem
    of private entities in partnership with key public authorities.

  • Galeazzi
    research hospital


    The leading hospital
    for orthopaedic and prosthetic surgery.

  • 2025
    University of Milano Statale


    A public teaching and research University, top performer in the Life Sciences domain.

Collaborate to innovate:
the Federated Innovation™

Federated Innovation @MIND is a game-changer in the traditional business.

It’s a collaborative model that aims to accelerate innovation thanks to the cooperation of various market players.

Public, private, and even competing entities will work together to turn ideas into new products, processes, technologies, and services to improve people’s wellbeing.

Federated Innovation™ @MIND creates a virtuous ecosystem that allows taking care of each project aspect, from the vision to the budget, from the legal management to the strategic plan.